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The Author

What about me?Well,I am a man of irony.I listen to people with sympathy and comprehension.I am frank but I am tactful.I am childish in some ways but I’m mature enough to handle situation that needs maturity.I’m impassive but emotional.I’m rational because I’m using my common sense.I’m idealistic but not an activist.I am not religious but i know my values.I’m snobbish but I always give a friendly disposition.I hate people who pretend so much and tries to be someone they’re not.I can be the sweetest and the most understanding person in this world.I am poor in material things but I am abundant in knowledge,values,friends, and love.I am not honest neither a lier.I have a high respect for the senior citizens and women.I am a Saint to those who are nice but I am a Demon to assholes.I am permissive but I know my limitations.I am real, not a hypocrite. I am a writer, an analyst, a poet, a debater, a critic, a model (hmmmmm).I am adventurous.I am a traveller. I don’t eat durian and human.